Soft tissue augmentation with botiss mucoderm®

On the occasion of the annual meeting of the German Society of Implantology (DGI) in Hamburg on November 26, 2016, seven leading experts with both a strong scientific and clinical background in the field of dental soft tissue reconstruction met to review the current status of peri-implant and periodontal soft tissue management. The discussion focused particularly on the clinical application and experience with the collagen matrix called mucoderm®, published data and data in preparation, as well as the potential limitations of its use, including in comparison with autologous soft tissue grafts.

All fields of dental soft tissue management were discussed, such as recession coverage at teeth, peri-implant soft tissue thickening, broadening of the attached mucosa and socket management. The following experts were invited to the meeting: Prof. Dr. Dr. Adrian Kasaj (University of Mainz, Germany), PD Dr. Dr. Peer Kämmerer (University Medical Centre Rostock, Germany), Dr. Raluca Cosgarea (University of Cluij-Napocca, Romania and University of Marburg, Germany), Dr. Dominiki Chazopoulou (Queen Mary University of London, UK), Dr. Attila Horváth (Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary), Dr. Alessandro Rossi (University of Milan, Italy) and Dr. Christian Schmitt (University of Erlangen, Germany).

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